A Certificate of Compliance is a document that is regulated by the Building Commission Victoria and is referred to as “Regulation 1507: Certificate of Compliance – Design”. The Building Commission Victoria administers Victoria’s building legislation system. The document is a statement made by the engineer (us) to the Building Surveyor that all structural design works have been carried out in accordance with the Building Act 1993, the Building Regulations 2006, the Building Code of Australia and the relevant Australian Standards.

In order to complete your Building Permit application, your Building Surveyor may request a Certificate of Compliance from us pertaining to your proposed development. This document gives you and your Building Surveyor confidence that all design work has been completed by us to the required standards as set by the Building Commission Victoria.

Together with the Certificate of Compliance, three sets of all design and drawing documentation must be provided to the Building Surveyor. Each and every document must be certified with a structural adequacy approval and signed and dated by a Registered Building Practitioner of the category and class ‘Civil Engineer’ (us).

Once the Building Surveyor approves the Building Permit application, one complete set of the certified documentation is forwarded to each of the applicant (person applying for the building permit) and the local Council. The third set is retained by the Building Surveyor.

You will be charged a “Certificate of Compliance” fee when a request has been made by your Building Surveyor to produce this document.

We need to know the name and address of your Building Surveyor before a Certificate of Compliance can be issued. The time that elapses between us completing design works and you or your builder applying for a Building Permit can vary considerably from project to project. In view of this, please understand that we may issue you a separate account for the Certificate of Compliance many weeks or months after we have completed our design works – depending on when the certification is actually requested.