The CSE Group regularly undertakes a range of Civil projects thoughout South West Victoria for residential, commercial and government clients.

Toohey Estate Subdivision, Warrnambool

 Toohey 1


Description:  154 Lot Subdivision with playground amenities on the corner of Mortlake and Wangoom Roads, Warrnambool

Brief:  The CSE Group provided design and documentation services, authority approvals and liaison, and construction supervision of civil services including roads, sewers, water, utilities and stormwater for the subdivision. Works included a number of extensions to surrounding sewer, water and drainage trunk lines, overall catchment analysis and major intersection realignments. The CSE Group have coordinated works on these assets in liaison with the developers and relevant authorities.

Outcome:  A large flourishing Warrnambool residential Estate, with Lots selling into Stage 3 (currently nearing completion) of 4 and with earlier stages largely occupied.


Toohey 2



Sackville Street Upgrade, Port Fairy

Port Fairy 1


Description: Reconstruction of Sackville and Banks Streets, Port Fairy. Installation of Bluestone paving, upgrade asphalt, tree planting, street furniture, car parking and street lighting.

Brief: The CSE Group was engaged to provide engineering services to for the rejuvenation the main strip streetscape in the tourist town of Port Fairy. A feature and level survey was required, with pavement investigation and full dilapidation reports on all impacted business and residential premises conducted by our Structural team. Detailed design of pavement, car-parking and intersection layouts was completed. This involved full 3D modelling of the streetscape between existing building lines and thresholds with design slopes for safety and efficient water drainage. Documentation of pavement design and surface finish levels for bluestone footpath, kerb and road pavement for construction and compilation of contractor tender documents was also completed.

Outcome: A new sleek and hard-wearing surface design, which improves the visual impact of Port Fairy's tourist strip.


Origin Energy Ltd, Halladale Black Watch and Speculant Gas Field Development, Baileys Road, Nirranda South

Origin 1

Description:  Set out, roads, survey and supervision.

Brief: The CSE Group were engaged to set-out the site and road network for the new location of Origin Energy’s onshore drill-pad to support the offshore drilling for natural gas. This included a full feature survey for both existing and as-constructed conditions, including the creation of level comparison colour isopachs to aid in the construction of roads to design levels and the remediation and monitoring of pavement soft-spots. The CSE Group were employed to provide periodic monitoring of the road conditions and survey of levels under the heavy traffic demand of the drill pad. The CSE Group recommended and supervised intermittent maintenance measures to ensure roads remain serviceable for drill pad traffic and local residents throughout the duration of the drilling. The CSE Group also assisted with Traffic Management Planning and Documentation Quality Audits in relation to this project.

 Outcome: Well documented setout, allowing for effective monitoring and supervision control processes.


Origin 2


Rutledge Country Estate Subdivision, Koroit

Rutledge 1


Description:  74 Lot Subdivision Nine Mile Creek Road, Koroit

Brief:  The CSE Group have been responsible for design, authority approvals and liaison, and construction supervision of civil services within the subdivision including roads, sewers, water, utilities and stormwater. A number of trunk lines and authority assets external to the subdivision have required extensions including water mains, trunk drainage and overall catchment analysis. The CSE Group have conducted works on these assets in liaison with the developers and / or relevant authorities.

Outcome:  Rutledge Country Estate Subdivision is progressing the development of Koroit with Stage 6 of 6 commencing construction, and blocks selling in the previous stages.


Rutledge 2


Water Main Replacement, Warrnambool

 Water Main 1


Description: Detail design and documentation of water main upgrades across 7 sites in the Wannon Water pipe network

Brief: The CSE Group conducted a full feature and level survey of the 7 streetscape locations for the renewal of Wannon Water’s water mains across Warrnambool and Port Fairy. The feature survey was coordinated with documented service locations and GIS data to ensure appropriate relocation of the water main alignments. Liason with service providers and authorities was conducted as part of the design process to guard against service clashes in built up areas, and protection of heritage tree root systems was integral to the design of new alignments. The new water main alignments were designed to limit inconvenience and in traffic and service interruptions in construction and reconnection periods. Detailing of all fittings, location of tappings and link-up points, and pipeline specification was included in the project documentation.

Outcome: Design for upgrade to water mains which is inline with Wannon Water standards as well as responsive to issues of constructability and local heritage elements.


Mailors Flat Drainage Investigation, Mailors Flat

Mailors Flat 1


Description: Investigate existing drainage systems. Feature and level surveys, Lidar and aerial photography.

Brief: The CSE Group conducted a full drainage study of the Mailors Flat Township and surrounding larger catchment area, including site inspections, survey of existing infrastructure location and identification of problem areas demonstrating drainage function, shortfalls and localised flood risks. A report and documentation of existing conditions and proposed amendments to drainage infrastructure were provided, including analysis of pre- and post-development flows. Recommended changes were aligned with the Moyne Shire Council’s Planning Scheme and Structure Plans for the broader Mailors Flat area, to include provisions for the future expansion and development of the township zone and surrounding rural areas. The entire broader catchment area was modelled using a combination of AutoCAD Civil 3D, ARD and Watercom DRAINS, to check design flows for Major and Minor events and ensure infrastructure was designed and sized to manage development flows.

Outcome: The Moyne Shire Council have commenced incorporating the drainage elements into planning documents and schemes as based upon The CSE Group report.


Dennington Rise Subdivision, Dennington

Dennington 2


Description: Recently completed 6 Stage, 233 Lot, Subdivision on Harrington Road, Warrnambool

Brief: The CSE Group have been responsible for design of roads, sewers, water, utilities & stormwater, authority approvals and liaison, and construction supervision of civil services within the subdivision. A number of trunk lines and authority assets external to the subdivision have required extensions including water mains, trunk drainage and overall catchment analysis. The CSE Group have conducted works on these assets in liaison with the developers and relevant authorities. The CSE Group have also attended to smaller keystone details of the works, including providing civil design for the architectural landscaping of public spaces.

Outcome: A quickly developing estate, almost fully occupied with polished civil design.


Dennington 3


Monivae College Wellness Centre, Hamilton

Description: Roadworks, car parking, stormwater and drainage to Wellness Centre.

Brief: The CSE Group was engaged in both Civil and Structural Engineering capacities to design and supervise upgrades to the College’s Wellness Centre buildings and infrastructure. The Civil works included detail design for roadways, carparks and stormwater drainage, coupled with attentive authority liaison services for all of these elements. The CSE Group were also involved with production of tender and contract documentation, supervision of contract works including efficient management of hold point inspections, progress claims and maintenance period administration.

Outcome: A clear and concise documentation set for civil and structural infrastructure and for the Wellness Centre Project.


Harrington Rd & Station Street Design, Dennington

Description: Full design and documentation of Harrington Road and Station Streets, Warrnambool.

Brief: The CSE Group was engaged to design and document the reconstruction of Harrington Road and Station Streets in Warrnambool, which border the Dennington rise development in preparation for influx of greater traffic volumes using these collector roads. Works included existing conditions survey and depthing of services in key locations, pavement design and stormwater design and detailing. Traffic calming devices (islands and directional deviations) were designed in favourable locations along both streets to safely manage higher trip loads. Full 3D modelling and design was conducted to title boundaries, including pavement levels, roadside drainage solutions and batters. Both rural and urban design options were presented and costed to explore options and feasibility of staged development in these roads to match the progress of the urban development.

Outcome:  A road network upgraded and tailored to effectively manage increasing traffic volumes in one of Warrnambool's main residential growth areas.


 Warrnambool Cheese & Butter Master Plan, Allansford

Description: Survey of entire factory site area to produce a master plan

Brief: The CSE Group was engaged to survey and collate a fully annotated AutoCAD feature & level survey of the WCB industrial site. Whilst the development of the Master Plan was underway, finer-detailed sections of survey were also commissioned in conjunction with other contractor services to provide monitoring of site conditions.

Outcome: Production of an in-depth site master plan in a format useful to the client, which allows further development and enables monitoring as required.