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The CSE Group regularly undertakes a range of projects thoughout South West Victoria for both commercial and government clients.


Callaghan Motors Showrooms & Workshop

Description: Transformation of existing industrial shed into a workshop/parts areas and add additional showrooms to the front of the structure.

Brief: To conduct a structural investigation & inspection of exiting building layout.  From this investigation provide structural engineering for existing building modifications and new internal building requirements. The additional show rooms at the front of the building and drive through car wash required structural engineering plans and details.

Outcome: New purpose built dealership with showrooms, service & parts, sales and administration areas.


Warrnambool RSL Redevelopment


Description: Redevelopment of existing site to expand dining, kitchen and conference facilities to cater for more than 400 people, including the creation of a new welfare service hub for returned service personal and their families.

Brief: The CSE Group provided Geo-technical investigation of site, civil engineering design of pavement and surfaces, car parking arrangements, drainage computations and design, sewer system investigation and fire services. Structural engineering design of ground slab, footings, purloins, rafters, roof beams and reinforced block work walls to lift shaft.

Outcome: The CSE Group worked closely with the client and architect to provide engineering documentation for successful and timely delivery of the redevelopment.

nunns beach.jpg

Nuns Beach Precinct Portland


Description:  Nuns Beach is a historic swimming beach within the Portland Harbor. An upgrade of  pedestrian access and amenities was required to meet the needs of the local community.

Brief:   To prepare a Precinct Master Plan in accordance with the requirements of Glenelg Council, the Department of Sustainability and Environment and community surveys. Provision of detailed designs for access stairs, an upgrade of existing public toilets and a new shade/shelter structure was required. 

Outcome: The project was completed in a timely manner and provided an environmentally sensitive beach development which met the government and community requirements.

Taronne Bridge.JPG

Tarrone Lane Bridge Widening


Description: Upgrade of existing Tarrone Lane bridge structure to SM1600 loading and improve poor approach alignment to the bridge.

Brief: Design of realigned road approaches, structural assessment and design of existing bridge beam strengthening, structural design of bridge widening, bridge barrier rail design upgrade along with approach guardrail detailing.

Outcome: The project was completed in a timely manner, meeting current bridge standards and providing safer conditions for the bridge and the road approaches.

viewing platform port campbell.jpg

Public Infrastructure


The CSE Group design, document and engineer pedestrian bridges, ramps and boardwalks that comply with the current access mobility standards, are durable and suitable for public use.

Recent Projects:

Maits Rest Car Park & Ramps - Geo-techncial Investigation, Engineering Survey, Civil & Structural Design

Kew Golf Club 4th Hole Bridge - Structural Engineering Design

Peterborough Boat Ramp - Geo-technical Investigation, Engineering Survey, Civil & Structural Design

Terang Civic Hall Ramp & Landing - Geo-technical Investigation, Engineering Survey, Structural Design

Warrnambool Racing Club Viewing Platform - Structural Engineering Design

Tower Hill Toilet Block - Structural Assessment

Port Fairy East Beach Stairs & Ramp - Geo-technical Investigation, Engineer Survey & Design, Cost Estimates



Toohey Estate Subdivision, Warrnambool

Description:  154 Lot Subdivision with playground amenities on the corner of Mortlake and Wangoom Roads

Brief:  The CSE Group provided design and documentation services, authority approvals and liaison, and construction supervision of civil services including roads, sewers, water, utilities and storm-water for the subdivision. Works included a number of extensions to surrounding sewer, water and drainage trunk lines, overall catchment analysis and major intersection realignments. The CSE Group have coordinated works on these assets in liaison with the developers and relevant authorities.

Outcome:  A large flourishing Warrnambool residential Estate, with all 4 stages of lots sold and occupied.

Infrastructure Development Road Auditing

Description:  Independent road quality auditing and monitoring of Local and State Government road infrastructure during development of a large scale energy utility generation project.

Brief:  The requirement of Local and State Government bodies was to ensure the public road assets were monitored regularly during haulage and construction to ensure protection of the road infrastructure and provide prompt responses to any failures or damage caused so that road safety and quality was maintained.  The CSE Group continually audited dedicated travel routes, documented road conditions using vehicle mounted video, photographic and GPS equipment, and presented all information in regular reports to all stakeholders.

Outcome:  Road infrastructure was maintained and repairs made promptly where damage occurred ensuring road conditions were up-kept and remained safe for all road users.

Liebig Stage 2 South end.JPG
Warrnambool City Centre Renewal

Liebig Street Stage 1, 2 & 3

The CSE Group designed and documented civil works for Liebig Street Warrnambool to renew and fully reconstruct the high use retail and pedestrian precinct.

The CSE Group was engaged as a sub-consultant and worked with the landscape architect and team to complete preliminary, tender and construction documents. Works included design of pavements, car-parking and intersection layouts, drainage assessment & design, water asset renewal and 3D modelling of the streets-cape.

The project was successfully completed allowing pedestrian led revitalization of this busy precinct.

Industrial Development Survey & Masterplan

Description: Survey of entire factory site area to produce a master plan.

Brief: The CSE Group was engaged to survey and collate a fully annotated AutoCAD feature & level survey of a large processing and industrial site. Whilst the development of the Master Plan was underway, finer-detailed sections of survey were also commissioned in conjunction with other contractor services to provide monitoring of site conditions.

Outcome: Production of an in-depth site master plan in a format useful to the client, which allows further development and enables monitoring as required.

Ryot St Ped Edited
Local Traffic Improvements

The CSE Group have completed numerous local area traffic management improvements to enhance road safety for various user groups.

Projects have included raised pedestrian crossings to help reduce the speed of traffic and improve access and connectivity of these precincts.

Various aspects from survey to detailed construction and tender documentation were completed.  The works were undertaken in consultation with stakeholders, authorities, design partners and clients for the successful delivery of projects.

  • Viaduct Road raised pedestrian crossing - Tourist Precinct.

  • Hopetoun Road pedestrian crossing refuge - Retirement community.

  • Koroit Street raised pedestrian crossing at traffic lights - Retail precinct.

  • Ryot Street pedestrian crossing upgrade - Hospital district.

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